Ohio Public Arrest Records

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The state of Ohio has implemented the Freedom of Information Act in 1960’s. With this, public records such as Ohio criminal records can now be accessed by the local citizens of the state. A criminal record in Ohio is those that have been reported by the police, sheriff and traffic enforcers.

In Ohio, a criminal history file would contain the basic information of the individual in question. Such information includes the real name and the alias used by the person. The address of residence as well as the birth date of the individual can also be found on the file. The criminal history of the individual are also indicated on the document. Misdemeanors and the sentence given to the individual are detailed on the file. The county with which the incident took place and was recorded is also indicated on the record.

To conduct a background check is one of the common reasons why people of Ohio request for to access a criminal record. Employers prefer to use this method in checking out the background of their people especially potential applicants. By doing so, they can avoid problems within their workplace. Some use it to check out their neighbors, caretakers, friends and even relatives. Criminal records are also one of the references used by authorities when conducting their investigation.

The cost for the retrieval of a criminal record in Ohio is only $22. Only the person himself and authorized individuals are allowed to access a certain file. With this, the state of Ohio has implemented a system that uses finger prints to scan the records. It takes about 14 days to obtain the requested file from the office.

The office of the Department of Public Safety is where all crime related files are being managed. One can also get a copy of recent criminal records through the State Police Department and the Bureau of Investigation. The local county courthouse can also provide the record if the crime was recorded in the county itself. The Internet has allowed faster retrieval of the file.

Criminal records check can now be done through the use of the Internet. This is the fastest method since there is no need to wait for 14 days to get a copy of the document. The result of the search can be obtained in just a matter of seconds. The search can even be done at home thus it can save you more time and effort. This is the main reason why many would use the Internet to retrieve public documents.

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