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Knowing about the death of a person that we know is one of the saddest news that we can get. Sad as it may be, such incidents has to be documented as mandated by the government of Texas. The Department of Health Services is where the Texas death records are archived for the use of the public.

Documenting such incidents can help the people left by the deceased to process legal matters such as transfer of legal properties and claiming insurances. It is also used by the spouse when planning to marry again. But the most common reason for accessing this record is to conduct a research on the history of a certain family.

Death certificate is the most common form of a death record. It mainly contains information about the death of the deceased individual such as the place and date when the person died and the cause of death. It also contains the personal information of the deceased such as the complete name, birth date and place. One can also find the name of the immediate relatives of the person on the death certificate. One can also find information about the interment of the deceased as well the funeral details on the certificate.

The state of Texas only allows the immediate family members of the deceased to gain access to the death certificate. A valid ID will be asked when requesting for the file. Examples of ID’s accepted by the office are driver’s license, military or student ID. A $20 fee is charged to the requesting individual for the first copy of the record. Additional copies would cost $3 each. The requesting individual will be asked to provide their personal information as well as the information of the name on the record in order to hasten the process of the retrieval of the document. When the file is requested straight from the office of the Department of Health Services, it would only take at least 30 minutes to two hours to get the record.

The request can also be done via mail order. However, additional charges have to be paid especially when you choose your preferred courier. The additional charges depend on which courier you opt to go for. Death certificates can be obtained after 10-15 days since the order has been sent.

The use of the Internet is the most preferred choice of many because of its ease of use and convenience. Death records can be obtained faster than any method, within a few clicks the results of your search are displayed on the screen. The search of the record can be done free of charge or paid.

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