Public Divorce Records Available Online

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When marriage is no longer working for a couple, it is best to file for divorce. When this happen a divorce record is generated to make the separation legal. This is one of the public documents that the local residents of a certain state can access. The Vital Records Section is where the divorce records are being managed.

Unlike other public documents of a certain state, the information that can be obtained from it is limited only to the basic details about the separation. This includes the complete name of the husband and wife along with the date and county where the separation was granted. One would also know the name of the prosecutor who legalized the divorce.

As mentioned earlier, the information is controlled to protect the individual’s privacy and safety. The reason for the separation is only visible if the one who request for the records is one of the involved parties. Decision about the child custody, asset and financial related matters remain private to keep the information from being used for any unwanted reasons.

There are also limitations as to who can gain access to the divorce record of an individual. The involved individuals would have no problems requesting for their personal files. Descendants and genealogy researchers are also given access to the file. Some who needs the record for their personal use would need to secure a court order to have the request granted. Also, one has to know that not all of the divorce files can be obtained in a certain state. Some state may have only kept divorce files from a certain period or year.

The retrieval of such file may not be the same for all state. Some state only releases this type of record at the county where it was legalized. Fees would greatly vary per county or state. One common thing is that, the requested file is released by the office after several days since it was requested. This has changed when the Internet was utilized to manage public information, including divorce records.

Divorce records search can now be over the Internet. This can save you a great amount of time and energy. This method has eliminated the need to go to any government offices and wait for several days since the record can be requested even at home and the results are displayed in just a few seconds. This is probably the reason why many would try to do the online search.

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