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In our highly modern world, trusting anybody does not come easy anymore. Every time you meet a new friend, or when a new neighbor drops by to say hi, your immediate thought is “How safe it is to trust this person?”. As a result, many of us do some background checking on these people. But doing background checks can be quite expensive as the fees are a little high. The more affordable alternative is to find an easy way to access public records. These records will show you if your new friend or your friendly neighbor has a criminal record or not; or if he or she has a suspicious background. All US states now allow the public to access these vital records, provided that their rules or guidelines are met; and provided that you file your request with the right state or government office. For instance, if you need to obtain New York Public Records, the office that you need to go to is the Department of Health.

Before you can get hold of public records from the New York Department of Health, there are two things that you should first know about. First, be aware that since only death records beginning 1881 are housed in the department, all the other records not found there are kept in the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Second, you will be dealing with the Records Access Officer, who is tasked with taking care of anything and everything related to public records. The RAO will also inform you that there are certain fees you need to pay. Each public record copy you get your hands on is worth $30; and additional $15 is paid for expedited service. If you prefer the phone or Internet-based record search, you will be charged a little more than $7 for every copy.

As in most state level offices, there is a waiting period before you finally get the records. Certified copies are given after two weeks of waiting time, although you need to consider the mailing period, too. For non-certified copies of public records, the waiting period can take as long as eight months. Will you be willing to wait that long?

There is a solution to this dilemma, though; and it is an easy one. All that you need to do is find a trusted, highly experienced professional online record provider. Many of these online providers offer what you need: Free Public Records Search.

While many would jump at the mere mention of free services, most people prefer to deal with online record providers that require a fee. This minimal fee is usually paid one-time only, an attractive deal considering the fact that you get unlimited access to the New York Public Records you need. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about sloppy work because these providers are professionals and work with utmost efficiency. You’ll get the results you need fast. No extended waiting periods or tedious follow ups needed.

So if you want to get the most out of your investment, shoot two birds with one stone by getting the services of a trusted online record provider. Aside from giving you efficient, safe, and successful Free Public Records Search, you also get a good investment for your hard earned money. Once you choose to work with them, you will discover all the wonderful advantages that are yours for the taking!

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