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The implementation of the Freedom of Information Act in 1968 has ordered the government of all the states of the US to make the records of the citizens open to the public. There are public records that contain controlled information to protect the privacy of an individual such as divorce and crime related documents.

Public records can be used in a number of ways depending on the kind of document that you have. When you want to conduct a genealogy research birth, death and marriage certificates are the primary documents that are used as reference. Conducting a background check for one’s safety is also one of the common uses of criminal related documents such as police records, arrest documents and criminal records itself.

All of these public documents contain the personal information of the person whose name is on the file. Such information includes the complete name, address, birth date and age. Further information specific to the type of record that you have can be found. For example, one can find the date of marriage on a marriage certificate. Such information cannot be found on a death certificate since it would contain details about the death of an individual. Details about convictions and misdemeanors are usually the contents of criminal records.

The retrieval of a public document entails a certain fee. The fee would vary depending on the type of request you request for and where it is being requested at. The person who request for the record will be required to provide their information such as their name, address and contact details. Such information is used for documentation purposes. One is usually asked to indicate their relationship to the person on the file especially if the record can only be obtained by authorized individuals. Information about the record that one is requesting for is needed in order to hasten the retrieval of the record.

Public records are stored and managed by different branches of the government. The Vital records section manages family related files such as birth, death, and marriage and divorce documents while the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services manages all crime-related documents. This office can provide the records for you. One can file the request through a mail order or by simply going to the office. The retrieval of the document may take several days. The Internet has made the retrieval of these public documents a lot easier and faster.

One can obtain a copy of any of the public documents online. One can even choose from a free public records search or a paid search online. Free search can get you the basic information however it may give out incorrect details. The result you obtain from a paid search is more accurate and are ready to use One can be sure f the quality of results when going for a paid search.

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