Requirements To Get A Polish Passport

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Citizens of Poland who’re over 18 years old as well as were born outside Poland and have never obtained documents proving their Polish citizenship which consists of possessing a Polish passport or Identification Card just before they are able to apply for the Polish passport at a consulate obtain a certificate confirming they do have Polish citizenship. So one of the first prerequisites for a Polish Passport is the fact that an individual has a passport already on hand or perhaps a Polish ID card. That then means that the individual looking to get a Polish Passport should be a citizen of Poland which has some specific prerequisites involved. So they need to obtain an official document which confirms their Polish citizenship.

Confirm Citizenship Of Poland

Ciudadania polaca in Spanish is definitely the act of being a Polish citizen and you may use a Polish ID to demonstrate you are a Polish citizen. Other documents that you need to possess if you do not presently have a Polish Passport or ID card all have to be in Polish. You may have documents that you have to get certified which confirm your Polish ancestry like birth records of your parents or grandparents or their baptism certificates or maybe marriage certificates.

Confirmation Of Possession Of Polish Citizenship

This really is a good way to confirm your Polish citizenship or to find out if you’ve lost it if for whatever reason you do not possess of the documents to demonstrate you are a Polish citizen. This method involves applying for this verification and it’s also an official document that you get by going through an official procedure. You need a few specific documents to do this. This is especially valid if you’re originated from Polish family members and you really are in a direct line with that member of the family. This may take place since your forebears were Polish emigrants that settled outside of Poland. Basically you are letting the actual Polish authorities look into your own lineage. And you will need a comprehensive summary in Polish of your life background.

A few Documents Needed

This is simply a few of the documents that you will need whenever you submit your application pertaining to citizenship in Poland so you can get a Polish passport. Some are statements stating no one renounced their Polish citizenship. A number of them tend to be matrimony, birth as well as death certificates all licensed.

A Lengthy Process

In the event you do not know if you’ve got Polish citizenship because you do not have a ID card you’ll find the procedure may take a long amount of time to get the answers you require. Lots of the documents have to be originals that won’t be returned to you. You can seek a lawyer to perform some of the investigation for you. Otherwise you can get the Polish consulate and obtain a power of lawyer for somebody who you know in Warsaw who can speed up the process a bit. But the entire process with the lawyer and a power of attorney or otherwise may take from 6 months to two or more years.

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