Rhode Island Ponzi Scheme Case Leads to Plea Agreement

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Martin Feibish, an 81-year-old resident of Providence, is expected to plead guilty to charges of mail fraud and filing a false tax return. The plea of guilty comes as part of a plea agreement related to a purported Ponzi scheme that took millions from a customer. Kindly read some cases of Ponzi Schemes so that our finra arbitration attorney could solve it.

Feibish purportedly ran a Ponzi scheme that centered one investor. That financier seemingly handed over at $5 million to Feibish, and it's alleged that Feibish tempted the financier in with fake claims. According to the plea agreement, the financier lost a grand total of $2.5 million to the purported Ponzi scheme.

Feibish had formerly been an investment broker and independent insurance broker, and he was responsible for two investment corporations that he made which are now closed. His lawyer reports that Feibish is awfully remorseful for what he is done. He is facing a maximum of 23 years in jail.

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This week the jury commenced thoughts in the Robert Allen Stanford Ponzi scheme case without hearing from Mr. Stanford despite promises to the opposite from defense lawyer at the start of the trial. Granger announced an SEC FCPA probe centered on the employment of gift cards in China.

The Chairman and three Commissioners spoke at the yearly SEC Speaks meeting. The subjects included a review of recent management changes and rule writing efforts, issues in neglecting to manage cases, discovery obligations in the wake of Subjects United and fears about the Volker Rule and its impact.

SEC Enforcement told partial settlements in 2 high-profile cases. In the long running Nacchio financial crime action the Commission settled with one accused while dropping charges against another. In an illegal trading case centered on expert network First Global , the SEC settled with two former staff of the firm who previously made a plea of guilty to legal charges and are cooperating with the govt and the SEC.

Eventually, the Commission brought FCPA charges against 3 previous employees of Nobel Corporation. One worker settled while the other two are litigating.

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