Some Accidents Which Calls For A Birth Injury Lawyer

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It is common to think that child birth is not the funniest thing in the world. It would always earn women more respect as they are able to bring a new person into the world. Somehow, it is a perfect chance and privilege only that medical malpractice could taint the vision that people have. The least that they could do is talk with a birth injury lawyer RI and find solutions to the problems.

The baby could have some complications during labor and delivery. For any parent, it could be a tormenting thing to see the child with all these problems just minutes after they are out. The worst thing is that they are supposed to be healthy babies. Medical malpractice should never be tolerated.

The most common of the issues that newborn babies face are bruises and marks. These are often due to the vacuum or the forceps that are used in taking them out of the body of their mothers. There are also times when there is a contact with the pelvic bones during the process. There are even times when the baby would have lacerations and fractures in the skull.

The baby could also have some bright red band around the iris. This condition is known as subconjunctival hemorrhage. It is not very alarming neither does it cause damage to the eyes. The red band would disappear after a week or more.

Some babies would also experience swelling of their scalps. This is a result of vacuum extraction that is conducted during delivery. It will often pass after some days. The parents should however be very particular as the head of babies are very fragile. They may not feel comfortable too.

There are times when there is bleeding between the bones and the fibrous covering known as cephalohematoma. This is often observed in the heads of babies. The condition may last for a few weeks or longer than months. Most children would turn yellow as well as the condition jaundice is due to the breaking down of the red blood cells.

The baby could also suffer from facial paralysis because of the force of the forceps or vacuum. Such could cause damage to the facial nerves. Although most of the time the baby will just overcome the situation after a few weeks, it could also worsen. There are some cases that would demand for surgical repair of the damaged facial nerves.

The babies are also prone to brain and bone injuries. The statistics could alarm parents especially that new born babies are very fragile. There are some conditions as well which would affect the life of children forever. It is good that there is expert help to solve the issues.

The least that people want is to deal with a birth injury lawyer RI to talk about the difficult situation. The problem though is that medical malpractice is not easy to take. Thinking that these people are willing to care for people and failing is just bothersome. The only way to make sure that things will not happen again is by pushing through with a case.

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