Specifications For US Citizens To Travel In Panama

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Panama is starting to become a preferred location to visit, with its miles of coastline, warm breezes, and tropical climate. However, if you’re planning a visit to this Central American country, there are a few things you must carry out in order to ensure an excellent trip. These aren’t hard steps to take, and they are required by laws and regulations in both Panama as well as the United States. They were put in place for the safety as well as well being of their travelers, so it is better to follow them to the letter.


Whether traveling by boat or by plane, you’ll be required to have a valid passport. The Panamanian government requires that your passport be not less than three months past the date of travel to become allowed into the country. In addition, United States citizens are going to be charged a $5.00 tourist fee that’ll be paid at the time that you purchase your tickets for travel or make your reservation for your hotel Panama City Panama. Panama is an easy city to visit should you follow these simple steps.

Check In With The Embassy

While it is not necessary that you check in with the Embassy when traveling in Panama, it is strongly recommended. When there is record that you’re traveling in the nation, you will be alerted in case a security or perhaps safety threat occurs, and if suddenly you become sick or lose your passport, the representatives at your Embassy are going to be prepared to assist you. It is easy to access the relevant information about the United States Embassy in Panama, and you will also come across an enrollment form online to fill out as well as submit upon arrival.


You don’t have to take an AIDS test to get into Panama; however, if it’s discovered that you’ve got AIDS or that you are HIV positive, you will be forced to leave the nation. This is a regulation that is seldom enforced, however the legal right exists to pressure you to leave the country should your condition is discovered. This is an effort on the part of the Panamanian government as well as health department to continue to contain the dispersion of this disease within the confines of their borders.

Restricted Areas

There are a few remote areas of Panama in which even Embassy representatives are only permitted to travel with authorization. These areas are not allowed to international tourists. Restricted areas normally include the particular Darien Province and the San Blas Province. Additionally they include the majority of the Darien National Park. The rustic nature of these areas pose many health and injury risks, and they are therefore best not traveled. Additionally, it is suggested that tourists avoid the Panama Colombia border because of the ever present drug trade as well terrorist factions that can be located there. It is wise to stay close to the more modern civilization. For a good hotel, Panama City, Panama is the location to look. After only a little research you’ll find the best hotel in Panama City Panama for you as well as your family.

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