The Job Of A Stenographer

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Stenography, also called as shorthand, is the method of writing quickly with the use of symbols instead of letters, words or phrases. This practice is often employed by people who wish to make quick notes in lectures, classes and even in business meetings. Traditionally, notepads were simply used for the practice. With the modern age of today though, a stenographer meridian ms is expected to employ the use of modern devices as stenography machines and even computers in the trade.

There are many stenographers who choose to work in courts as reporters of court proceedings. Their job would mainly be recording all the dialogues and actions that take place. They may also have the job of transcribing depositions and even pretrial proceedings. Court stenographers are expected to have the skills of typing quickly and accurately. They are also required to be knowledgeable in operating stenotype machines used to create verbatim accounts for court proceedings.

There are also stenographers who prefer working in the business field though. Their main job involves transcribing business notes and keeping records of all the meetings and proceedings that have taken place. Professional stenographers working in the area of media, however, work on providing real-time captioning which are most useful to people with hearing disabilities.

Stenographers often render service in varied work environments, depending on what their job fields are. Those who are new to the job might be asked to work with a group of stenographers or be sent to other departments where they will be working on a rotation basis. There are some who are self-employed, working independently on job-by-job basis for several companies.

Working conditions are expected to generally be clean, comfortable and well-lit. However, time constraints, busyness and noise may apply. In addition, just as with other office workers, there is the risk of getting injured or feeling discomfort from having to sit extended hours in front of computers. Wrist problems, eye fatigue and back pain are the usual complaints.

Generally, it will take one three years to become a good stenographer. Although, this would still depend on how determined he is though. The type of school he is enrolled in would also matter. Courses often include learning more about voice recognition, stenography software and industry terminologies. Speed for transcription usually builds up to 200-words within a minute.

There are many different kinds of equipment that stenographers are expected to be familiar of. Courtroom stenographers should be able to operate electronic court-reporting machinery, laptops, printers, desktop PCs and software programs which translate keystrokes into English on screen. Home transcriptionists most likely needs fax machines, computers, internet connection and extra telephone lines.

There are two forms of modern shorthand used today. These are Gregg and Pitman. Both are adapted in several languages including Gaelic and Japanese. They are characterized as those making use of phonetic characters. More popular internationally are Teeline and Stolze-Schrey.

Aside from getting information transcribed, a stenographer meridian ms can take on the duties of secretaries as well. For instance, he can take client calls. Sometimes, he might even be requested to prepare a schedule for appointments with clients and other individuals.

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