Things A DUI Lawyer Can Do For You

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“DUI” is a term that is short for the term Driving Under the Influence. Many people also refer to it as drunk driving and it occurs when a person drives a car after using drugs and/or consuming alcohol.

DUI can also be referred to as driving while intoxicated or DWI. Marijuana, tranquilizers, cocaine and opiates are the main drugs involved in DUI cases. DUI is not a minor offense. It is a crime that has a bunch of negative consequences.

The average person does not have the knowledge needed to foresee the outcome of a DUI case, so those who are charged with a DUI should hire a lawyer immediately. Most people are charged with a DUI when a police officer notices that their vehicle is swerving on the road. In some instances, police wait outside of bars and nightclubs and follow drivers that they believe are intoxicated.

When the officer sees the car speeding or swerving they pull the car over to find out whether their suspicions are correct. Police often perform a test to find out how much alcohol is in the driver’s blood. A person who has a blood alcohol level of over .08 is considered to be intoxicated. People who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are then charged with a DUI.

If a person level measures at 0.08 or above, then he or she is classified as being legally intoxicated. A DUI lawyer may be able to help someone avoid jail time. An experienced DUI lawyer also helps people in the following ways.

Special assistance- A good lawyer will provide you with expert help. He or she will explain to you the consequences and prepare you to stand in court. Honest Opinions – An attorney can share their opinion with their client and offer suggestions that can help a person facing a DUI charge.

Help With Paperwork – As with all legal cases, there is plenty of paperwork involved in a DUI case. An attorney helps their client to understand all of the legal documents involved. Unbiased Services – A DUI charge is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. A professional DUI lawyer will not make assumptions or judge their client in any way. They are there to help their client and will remain on their side for the duration of the case.

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