Tips And Documents For Fiance Visas

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Fiance visas are usually a special type of visa issued to people who plan to marry spouse from a different country. The visa do always allow the holder to enter a foreign country and even stay there for some time during which they may get married or apply for adjustment of status. The processing time in most cases is always very long and an individual may need to apply in advance before the date of travel nears.

One must always meet eligibility to receive this type of visa. They must also show their intent to marry their partner and stay with them. The applicant must also be an adult as per the country they are applying to go to. Those who are below the required age need to provide a court order stating that the marriage would be allowed in their country of origin.

Another requirement in most countries is the proof of the relationship between the parties involved. This can simply be done by providing a certified signed document signed by the two parties. They must also show how they are of support to each other and their future plans after the marriage.

The health requirements of the country must also be met by the applicant. This means that one must always be willing to attend medical checkup if requested to do so. This in most cases is not always paid for.

To apply for this type of visa in any country, there are usually very many documents that would be required. Some of these documents include identification documents, birth certificate, health documents, fully filled application forms, a passport and photos. The identification documents of the partner may also be required.

The cost of fiance visas usually vary from one country to another. When filling the application form, it is always recommended to make two official copies of it. This is because one copy is usually sent to the spouse while the applicant also needs to remain with a copy of it for back up purposes.

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