Top Reasons For Hiring A Lawyer

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Like with any service, understanding why you are paying what you are paying is critical to being happy when you actually pay fees for that service. Brisbane is an increasingly expensive place to live, as are many other places in Queensland, so when you have to deal with a solicitor you should be more vigilant than ever regarding where your money is going and why. Guy McEntyre of Hall & Co Solicitors at Mt Gravatt, Queensland may help you with these handy hints.

Make sure you are appropriately armed:

If you were going to war, you would want to be carrying the latest and most appropriate weaponry. Similarly, if you are involved in legal proceedings of any form or even handling routine legal affairs such as updating a will or power of attorney, it’s critical that you have a lawyer and the right lawyer for the job at that. You wouldn’t take an inexperienced paralegal to a High Court appeal but similarly you wouldn’t have a Queens Counsel draft your will if you own a cheap car and a couch only. Think hard before you retain a lawyer so that you don’t end up wasting money but so that you also get the results you need.

Your situation may not be as it seems:

Almost all legal matters have implications for you beyond the realm of that area of law. For example, if you are divorced or married, your wills and powers of attorney may need updating and if you are involved in a property settlement of any kind, there may be taxation implications for you. A lawyer will know what other bases need to be covered, and can save you a raft of headaches

Control costs:

Everybody knows how expensive lawyers can be but by the same token nobody wants to retain the cheapest lawyer in town. Often you do get what you pay for with legal services but there are also some lawyers around who are happy to charge you several hundred dollars for a simple phone call, so be mindful of the billing practices of the firm you are dealing with.

Don’t want to write?

Your solicitor has spent many, many years studying the law, and this always includes a heavy emphasis on mastering the written word. Converting your stressful situation into clear and relevant English is tough for the best of us and if you’re attempting this yourself it can take a long time, especially when you’re sent back to do it all again by court staff (a common occurrence). Save yourself the trouble and have your story transcribed correctly first time around.

For more information about Queensland and Australian law and quality legal advice, contact Ben Hall and Guy McEntyre of Hall & Co Solicitors.

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