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With the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act, the criminal record of an individual is made open to the general public. These records are the ones issued by law enforcing agencies.

Whenever an individual is convicted of a crime, a criminal record is automatically issued to the individual. One can find information about the crimes that the individual has committed. The complete name of the convict along with the birth date of the individual are indicated on the file. Other relevant information includes the alias of the individual as well as the description of the physical appearance of the individual. If the convicted individual has a scar or tattoo, it is also described on the file. Along with the crimes that the individual has been convicted of, the charges and the sentence are also indicated on the file.

Conducting a background check is one of the top reasons for accessing criminal records. This is usually done by most employers to make sure that the people who work for them are qualified for their positions. Doing this prevents problems in the future that may hinder the growth of the company. Although, it is beneficial to the employers, it somehow makes job application difficult for those who had been convicted before.

Other would also check out their personal criminal files. They do this to make sure that the information on their file is correct and true. Many have been cautious of this because of the reports where there are crimes that they themselves are unaware of. Some would even have arrest warrants for the crimes they did not commit. One may need to go through a lot to clear things up. To avoid this, it is best to constantly check one’s personal criminal files.

One can get a copy of a criminal record at the office that issued the report. This can be the police department, the traffic department or the sheriff’s office. Such offices can only give out recent reports. For older reports and incidents, it can be requested at the Department of Justice. This is where the public crime related files are being managed. Going through any of the office would take some time. The requested record can be given after several days.

The wait time has been improved with the utilization of the Internet. Online criminal records can now be obtained faster and easier. There are even free or paid search online. However, a free search can only provide the basic information unlike the paid search where one can ensure quality of the results.

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