Use Of Security Video Cameras In Rescuing Properties As Well As Loved Ones

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I witnessed the light bulb in the corner of our roof ignite and the fire start. I immediately called my spouse, Shelly, on her cell phone and then witnessed her as well as our little girl, Aly, went out of the house carrying fire extinguishers.

I wasn’t even there. I was within Atlanta on business, inside my hotel accommodation, as soon as I found the fire starting via my laptop screen. If we didn’t own hidden security video cameras online to let me monitor our home from anywhere else, I could not have seen the fire start and been able to notify my partner.

Security cameras are typically for safeguarding from burglars. But security is not just guarding against break-ins. This is looking out for any kind of danger to your house as well as family.

Security cameras are also utilized to check on members of the family in the house or personnel at work. A lot of security camera systems let remote monitoring on the net, from anyplace inside the world.

We have a 4 channel wired digital video recording complete system. It possesses four day/night color wired cameras connected by four 100-foot video cables to a standalone 4-channel DVR. The integrated DVR has complete networking capability so we can look at real time action online or play recorded video back online.

The system features a 19-inch widescreen LCD display. Anybody within the house can go look at it whenever to see what all the spy cameras see.

To monitor areas of the property our own 4-channel system doesn’t cover, we use a 24 IR weatherproof day/night bullet video camera DVR system as well as a 56 IR weatherproof day/night bullet camera DVR system. The latter one caught all the drama. The day/night video camera is installed facing our house.

I contacted 911 soon after calling Shelly. Firefighters arrived in minutes in order to put the fire out however my spouse and daughter had beaten them to it. Our own hidden surveillance cameras online mixed with Shelly and also Aly’s quick response to avert accident just soon enough. And I still made my 7:00 p.m. business dinner.

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