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When you want to check out the criminal history of an individual, one can look it up through a police records. The Department of Criminal Justice Information Services in Florida manages the state’s criminal files including Florida Police records.

A lot of information can be obtained when checking out a police record in the state of Florida. Even if the involved individual was not arrested, a police record is still made. Basic information of the involved individual can be found such as the name, date of birth and the residence address. Important information about the incident is found on the file. The document would indicate if the person has been involved with any misconduct such as violence or fraud. Other relevant information found on the file is the names of the people that were involved in the incident.

Background check is the number one reason for accessing police records in the state of Florida. It is not only private investigators that uses police records but also employers. Nowadays, employers are being careful on the people they hire for their company. This helps them prevent damage both in their financial and work environment. The local residents check out the criminal history of the people they interact with such as their neighbors, nannies, tutors and even friends and relatives. In some cases the record is also used by the local authorities during the investigation of a criminal case.

Requesting for the police record in Florida can be done by mailing the order to the office of the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services. A return address has to be indicated on the request so that the result can be mailed once the file has been found. A $24 fee has to be paid in order to process the retrieval of the document. One also has to include the basic information such as the name and the birth date of the person whose records is being checked in order to make the search a lot easier. It takes several days for the office to obtain a copy of the record.

One can go to several places in order to obtain a copy of the police record. Police records are being managed by the office of the Department of Criminal Justice Services in Florida. The state police department and repository can also provide you a copy of the needed file. The Internet is by far the most convenient method in obtaining a police record.

The use of the Internet has made the retrieval of police records in Florida a lot easier and hassle free. The request can even be done at home and within a simple click of the mouse the result is then displayed at the monitor of the computer. This eliminates the need to travel and wait for a very long time just to get a copy of the record.

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