Virginia Public Marriage License Records

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The Freedom of Information Act has allowed the general public to access their personal files whenever they need it. Virginia is one of the states that have implemented such laws. Virginia marriage records are one of the files that the residents of Virginia can access.

One would see a lot of useful information in the marriage records of Virginia. It focuses on the matrimonial ceremony itself. Details about the place and the date when the couple got married are indicated on the file. Additional information includes the names of notable people who were present in the event.

Marriage records are one of the documents used as reference in genealogy research. One would know about the family history if the records had been properly updated. Also, the records are used in checking out the marital status of an individual. This is usually done by those who suspect that the people they are dating are single. BY doing so, one would know if they are dating a married person or not. This can save them from troubles if they have plans to marry.

The state of Virginia keeps the public documents private until it reaches 50 years. Marriage records in Virginia that have been registered since 1918 can be accessed. It would cost $12 to retrieve a copy of the marriage record. Only the bride or the groom is allowed to get a copy of their marriage record. Immediate family members of the couple are also given access to the said document. They would need to secure a court order to get a copy of the file.

The office of the Vital Records Section is the one that manages records that have reached 50 years. For files that have not yet reached 50 years, it has to be obtained at the county clerk office where the marriage was registered. One can also file the request by sending a mail order or by calling the office of the Vital records Section. The latter option would take a maximum of 4 weeks to get the requested file. With this, engineers have developed an online system that has shortened the wait time. No, the search can be made online, which makes it easier and convenient.

A lot of website now offers to provide the record for you. One can even do a free marriage records search online but the results are not as accurate as the one from a paid search. Many still want to go for the paid search because of the quality results that can be obtained from it.

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