What Damages Do You Get In Georgia Personal Injury Cases

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There’re 3 types of damages obtainable in a personal injury case in Atlanta. They are: Special Damages, General Damages, and Punitive Damages.

Special damages can be demonstrated to a specific amount, usually with the aid of receipts or other documents. Special damages are such things as healthcare bills, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter stuff like neck braces, splints, and heating pads. Special damages also give you money for lost pay, lost vacation time, lost sick leave, and travel expenses for driving to/from your medical sessions. You will be allowed lost wages for time missed from work or undergoing treatments even if your company paid you sick leave at the time.

Personal injury general damages are incapable of exact proof and are normally the “pain and suffering” you endured from the injury. Mental damages such as stress, anxiety, and depression are also included. This type of compensation further includes lost social and family events, such as having missed a loved one’s baby shower as well as a high school commencement for example. Finally, general damages include any long term physical impairment or disfigurement. There is no formula for determining these types of damages. Many lawyers and insurance companies make use of a multiple of your special damages to create this number.

The third category of damages are punitive damages. Punitive damages are meant to penalize the wrongdoer and are not available in every type of situation. Punitive damages are additional damages that a court awards along with the other two kinds of damages. There can be tremendous strategic benefits to pursuing these sorts of damages in your case. For example, lawyers commonly are not permitted to reveal to the jury a defendant’s former acts of negligence. But if your attorney seeks punitive damages, your lawyer should be able to get this evidence in. Your lawyer needs to look for all possible grounds to get punitive damages because doing so puts pressure on the defendant throughout litigation.

These damages blend in different ways to create the base of your personal injury case’s value. You may not be able to obtain all these kinds of damages in your scenario. You should talk to your attorney regarding each so that you fully grasp your case better.

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