What You Need To Know About Daley Center

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Being one of the top civic centers in Chicago, the Daley Center has been the leading destination in holding different celebrations. The design of the structure was created and completed by Jacques Brownson in 1965. After its completion, the building held the label of being Chicago’s tallest building for four years. It was named Chicago Civic Center before it acquired its new label on December 27, 1976 after late Mayor Richard Daley.

The building has more than 120 court as well as hearing rooms. The Cook County Law Library is located in one of its floors. The structure has thirty-one stories in all. There are several offices and open arena located inside the edifice.

This is a carefully designed structure without interior columns. There are only twelve exterior columns that are shaped like a cross. Each of the columns slowly thins down as it approaches the top since it supports lesser weight. The design used in the construction is more of a modern than classical architecture.

There are several landmarks in the building’s circumference. One of them is the City Hall in Chicago where the mayor’s office is. There are many commercial and governmental establishments within the area as well. This structure is favorably settled in a strategic location.

There are several cultural and civic events that take place in the building. Any individual may use the venue upon the approval of their application. Interested party may submit their application thirty days before their event.

The applicant will have to complete the requirements that are stipulated in their guidelines. Certificates of insurance needs to be presented as well. Contact the office of Special Events Coordinator to find out what the requirements and policies are.

Anyone who is looking for an expansive and accessible venue in Chicago may not need to look any further. The Daley Center is a perfect option with its amenities, facilities and location. In fact, several events like the weekly farmers’ market, meeting of the Chicago Critical Mass and the routine ethnic festivals are celebrated here.

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