What You Should Know About Deferred Action For Dreamers

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The United States would hold residence to a lot of people of different races. Immigrating to the country is done by many to have more peaceful living, improved living conditions, and more peaceful living. Asia, Europe, Central America, and neighboring countries would be the common place of origin. Legal papers may not be owned by some of the immigrants. Illegal means may be used for entering the country. Expiry may have occurred for their legal status too. An imminent threat to these people would be deportation. Deportation would also be done to young people who have lived in the country all their life. There may be some exemptions however. Hope can be acquired by these young people using deferred action for dreamers. The details and requirements needed for this program should then be known.

This program would grant permission to stay for eligible people. It would let them stay in this country for a period of two years. It would be subject to renewal. It would not equate as legal status however. You can also get work permit with this program. This program was implemented by the Obama administration. It got implemented on June 15, 2012. Starting this date, applications can be already accepted. Specific requirements would have to be met however. You should then know what these requirements are.

The age requirements must first be met. An individual could qualify if they entered the country at the age of less than sixteen. These individuals must be still children upon entering the country. They must not be aged more than thirty also at the present. People who will not meet such age requirements will not get qualified for applying. Documents for supporting age must be presented. It will include school records, birth certificate, and valid identification card. One will require documents also for their entry in the country. It will include passport, travel records, and immigration records.

The school requirements would be crucial too. Being currently enrolled or studying would be important. They would also accept graduates that are at least high school level. Those who served and go honorably discharged from the US armed forces or Coast Guard can be also granted. A GED may be also presented. These details should be again supported by apt documents. Military records, school records, and transcripts can be included.

The person must not possess significant criminal background too. They must not possess multiple misdemeanor, felony conviction, or serious misdemeanor. It will ensure that such individual will not threaten public safety or natural security.

They should have lived in this country in the past five years. The stay should be continuous. They should also be physically present in this country when applying for DACA.

It would be important to submit needed documents properly. Applicants would also have to fill out needed forms. It would include form I-821D, form I-765, and form I-7652WS.

The state laws which affects such program could vary too. Some states willingly support this program. Some might not embrace such program, but will implement still. They will not grant state identification, state benefits, and driver’s license though.

You would find deferred action for dreamers really helpful. A lot of young immigrants are provided hope with such program. It would allow them to be productive, fulfill their dreams, and live in peace.

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