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Personal Injury Claim:

Author: Tim Smith

Article: Most of us will suffer from some form of personal injury or accident at some point in our lifetime. Many of these will probably be down to our own negligence while participating in everyday activities and chores. In fact on average three million people a year in the UK are hospitalised because of an accident in the home. However, what many people may not know is when an accident is caused by the carelessness of someone else; these accidents can be compensated for under a personal injury claim.


A personal injury claim is a legal process by which those affected are able to claim compensation to cover the costs of medical bills, transport as well as to compensate for the physiological and physical damages sustained preventing the individual from participating in their usual hobbies and everyday activities. Who the claims is directed against will all depend on the nature of the injury and the situation in which it was received.


The most common types of personal injury are those which result in a slip, trip or fall in a public area. Those that happen regularly include unattended wet floors in shopping areas and open manholes, both resulting in potential serious accidents. These situations can be easily avoided and the responsibility falls upon the shopkeeper or council to ensure the safety of these areas, respectively.


A regular personal injury both at work and during everyday activities are slip, trip and fall accidents. These regularly occur within public areas resulting in a personal injury claim. The most common are usually those caused by wet flooring with no warnings in shopping areas and open manholes; both can result in serious injuries. In either case, the potential accidents can easily be avoided and it’s the responsibility of the shop keeper and council respectively to ensure the correct safety measures are in place to protect the public.


Unfortunately car and traffic accidents are also common on UK roads, with many of those involving sustaining numerous injuries. In 2010 there were a reported 208,648 causalities on UK roads, with less than half this number actually making a claim. Even minor incidents can result in serious harm with one of the common injuries sustained being whiplash. In collision cases, it is the inattentive driver who is in the wrong; however it’s important to take note of any witnesses who could back up your statement later on.


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